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Trust Agents' Choice Inspections experience in construction and home remodeling

Agents' Choice Inspections home inspector, Buck Fleming, first got his start in the construction industry. He has more than 20 years of professional experience renovating, remodeling and constructing houses, so you can trust he knows every nook and cranny there is to know about home inspections.

  • 20+ years of hands-on experience in the industry
  • 3 Lens Perspective: Contractor, Investor, and Home Buyer
  • Passionate about serving with integrity
  • Values educating homebuyers with the goal of bringing you peace of mind
  • Desires to dream with you by introducing you and your family to your new home

If you’re on the hunt for a knowledgeable and passionate home inspector, you’re going to love Inspector Buck from Agents' Choice Inspections. He wants buyers and sellers to be as informed as possible about their properties. Let us help you prepare your home for the market or make a wise investment in a new property.

3 Reasons to Choose Agents' Choice Inspections in Knoxville, TN

Agents’ Choice Inspections is the perfect solution for all your home inspection needs. Choose our home inspection company because:

1. Passion

With my passion, integrity, and experience, I provide a personal approach to home inspecting and bring peace to the process of home buying.

2. Process

We work closely with investors and real estate agents, so you’ll get more than one professional opinion.

3. Certified

Our home inspector is an InterNACHI-certified home inspector, as well as a TN-licensed home inspector.

Call Agents' Choice Inspections at 865-401-0111 today to schedule a residential home inspection or investment property inspection in Knoxville, TN.

Our Clientele

Don't wait until the last minute as home inspections provide pertinent information to help you make the best, most informed decisions when buying or selling a home.

Consider our Move-In Certification service to help your home stand out and provide extra confidence to your home buying prospects.

Due to the busyness of the real estate market, we understand that your current home inspector may be extremely busy. We’re here for you. Please consider us to help meet your client's timeline and exceed their expectations.

Using years of experience in the fields of construction and investment, we can help you make the right choice for an investment property.

Trust Your Local Home Inspector in Knoxville, TN

Our home inspector isn’t only interested in inspecting your home. If you’re searching the market for a perfect home, he wants to help you find it.

Trust our residential inspector, Inspector Buck, to help you find the home of your dreams in Knoxville, TN. Call today to learn more.

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